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Upper Back Pain Symptoms and Relief

ICBC coverage for chiropractic and physiotherapy!

Car accidents can cause a lot of pain, discomfort, and re-aggravate previous injuries. We want to make sure you get back to your regular routines again, and make it easier for you post-accident.

At Northwest Rehab Group, we can provide treatment for your injuries, aches and pains. Patients are eligible if:

  • Treatments occurs within 12 weeks of the date of the accident causing the injury. If your accident falls outside the 12 weeks, please contact ICBC to see if you are eligible for more treatments.

For CHIROPRACTIC, the fee schedule is as followed:

Initial Visit: Your initial chiropractic visit is covered by ICBC! You don’t need to worry about paying out of pocket.
Subsequent Visits: Your visits after the initial is covered $54 by ICBC. Your out of pocket fee is $0 for 15 minute treatments and $21 for 30 minutes.
ICBC covers 25 chiropractic sessions.

For PHYSIOTHERAPY, the fee schedule is as followed:

Initial Visits and 30 Subsequent Visits: All covered under ICBC for up to 25 visits!
For physiotherapy visits longer than 30 minutes, a user fee may apply.
ICBC covers up to 25 physiotherapy treatments.

We currently only accept ICBC with certain RMTs for ICBC massage therapy. Please call us at (604)875-9779 to inquire about RMT and ICBC.

ICBC has stated that “the patient is responsible for paying the user fee portion, which they may submit to their private health insurer for consideration of coverage.”

At Northwest Rehab Group, we provide evidence-based care which includes soft tissue therapy, mobilizations, adjustments, modalities and exercise rehabilitation to get you recovering faster and decrease recurrence of pain. We work on providing an individualized plan to make sure you are progressing towards getting back to normal. The most important thing to us is getting you back to your daily activities and work!

Book online today with our chiropractors, physio or rmt at 

Note: Please state in your intake form that you have been in a car accident and have a claim with ICBC. Make sure you have the following for your first appointment:

  • claim number
  • date of accident
  • service card number

**We only take ICBC patients under our chiropractors and our physiotherapists. For further inquiries, please contact us at (604)875-9779**

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