Upper Back Pain Symptoms and Relief

January 30, 2020

Upper back pain is pain arising from the neck down to your middle back (thoracic spine). Common symptoms can be:

  • Pain with taking a deep breath
  • Spasm
  • Pain with moving your neck or moving your shoulder
  • Pain with touch

Depending on your symptoms, a few common diagnoses can cause your back pain. This includes mechanical neck pain, mechanical thoracic spine pain and rib dysfunctions.

Mechanical thoracic spine pain is any pain arising from the joints, muscles, fascia and ligaments of your thoracic spine. This can cause a range of sensations in your back, including spasms, dull ache, stiffness, burning. Any pain causing a radiating sensation with movement, or shooting pain down your extremities can be associated with upper back pain.

Rib pain most commonly causes pain beneath the shoulder blade and pain with deep inhalation. Since your ribs attach from the front and the back for the upper ribs, you can also experience pain into the sternum region.

For any of these common issues, a manual therapist can help! We can assist with soft tissue therapy to release the hypertonic muscles, mobilizations to the joints and exercise rehab to make sure you stay in a pain free state! Stretching and strengthening exercises are a great way to make sure that you get out of the pain free state. We can help provide proper rehabilitation exercises catered to what you need!

For associated symptoms such as shortness of breathe, high impact to the chest or upper back, fevers, and other red flags, please seek medical attention immediately.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our chiropractors, physiotherapists or massage therapists at info@nwrehab.ca.  You can also book on our online booking page https://nwrehab.janeapp.com today!

Reading: Upper Back Pain Symptoms and Relief

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Reading: Upper Back Pain Symptoms and Relief