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TMJ Specialists Vancouver, Located on Main Street

Have you ever had pain with chewing or biting? Ever had your jaw lock up, or is it hard to open your mouth?  Did your dentist say it wasn’t anything in your teeth, but in your jaw? This could be a result of your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and cause TMJ dysfunction !

Some signs of TMJ dysfunction are clicking noises with opening and closing, jaw or facial pain, pain with chewing or biting, headaches, or locking of the jaw. This could be due to genetic predispositions, muscle spasm, bruxism (teeth grinding especially while sleeping), trauma, stress, and other factors.

This doesn’t just affect the joint, but also the musculature around it. Sometimes, headaches could be caused by the TMJ! Whether you’ve been using a lot of your mastication muscles while chewing, or the TMJ isn’t moving properly, these can lead to headaches and worse, migraines. Other symptoms that can mask TMJ pain are ear aches and toothaches.

Come see our chiropractors to see if we can help with your TMJ and if it has been causing your headaches! We provide soft tissue therapy, mobilization of the TMJ, and home exercises. You can also see our registered massage therapists for a massage session on those tense facial muscles!

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