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ICBC Physiotherapy Services

ICBC Physiotherapy Services

Northwest Rehab Group's Physiotherapists use a variety of soft tissue therapy, mobilizations, exercise rehabilitation and various other techniques to help you recover post-accident.

Physiotherapists help with musculoskeletal injuries and preventative care by manual therapy, exercise rehabilitation and education of healthy and active lifestyles. Manual therapy can include myofascial release, soft tissue therapy, mobilizations, and modalities. It is important to get back to everyday activities or pre-accident status, and physiotherapy can help with that!.

** We are currently taking ICBC patients for physiotherapy** ICBC covers all treatments costs, including initial visits and subsequent. Please contact your ICBC adjuster if you are past the 12 weeks post-accident or are unsure if you are eligible for treatments.

About Our ICBC Physiotherapy Services

Get into a car accident? Need help relieving pain, aches and discomfort post-accident? Our physiotherapists at Northwest Rehab Group are here to help after a motor vehicle crash. After a car accident, it is important to get treatment sooner than later as results improve with early intervention. Our health professionals have extensive training in assessing and treating injuries associated with motor vehicle accidents. Our physiotherapists provide treatment plans to get you back to your regular activities with manual therapy and active rehabilitation. If you had a car accident within the past 12 weeks, you are eligible and covered for 25 physiotherapy sessions for 12 weeks. If you had a car accident outside of the 12 weeks, please contact ICBC for an extension! For other questions, please contact us at (604) 875-9779.

ICBC Physiotherapy Services Near You

We have a dedicated rehab facility to try to replicate what most people will have access to in their home. The most important part about any rehabilitation program is consistency. Therefore, our physiotherapists will work with you to make sure you can recover without needing to buy expensive equipment.

Find Our Physiotherapy Clinic Near Mount Pleasant

Northwest Rehab Group is located on the south-east corner of Main and 12th in Vancouver, BC. As a multidisciplinary clinic, we collaborate with other practitioners to make sure that your goals are met whether it is with a chiropractor, physiotherapist, or massage therapist.

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