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Acknowledged for high standard care, our team of proficient physiotherapists excel in ICBC physiotherapy services, showcasing expertise in their respective fields.

Comprehensive Physiotherapy Services for ICBC Patients

Northwest Rehab Group is committed to providing top-tier, specialized physiotherapy services tailored specifically for patients who have recently experienced vehicular accidents and are currently insured under the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC).

Our team of highly skilled physiotherapists employs an array of therapeutic techniques, including, but not limited to, soft tissue therapy, joint mobilizations, and customized exercise rehabilitation programs. These methodologies are designed not just to assist patients in overcoming post-accident traumas but also to bolster their overall health and functional capability.

** We are currently taking ICBC patients for physiotherapy**

What to Expect

Why Consider ICBC Physiotherapy?

ICBC Physiotherapy is designed to help people get back on their feet after a car accident. It focuses on restoring movement and reducing pain, making daily tasks easier. This service is crucial for a speedy recovery, helping individuals return to their normal routine with better comfort and mobility.

Initial Assessment
$0 - covered by ICBC
Subsequent Treatment
$0 - covered by ICBC
Extended Treatment
co-pay cost may apply

ICBC covers all treatments costs, including initial visits and subsequent. Please contact your ICBC adjuster if you are past the 12 weeks post-accident or are unsure if you are eligible for treatments.

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About Our ICBC-Affiliated Physiotherapy Services

Post-Accident Care and Rehabilitation

Have you been involved in a motor vehicle accident? Are you struggling with residual pain, discomfort, or physical limitations? At Northwest Rehab Group, our dedicated team of physiotherapists stands ready to assist you on your path to recovery following such an incident.

The Importance of Timely Intervention

In the aftermath of a car accident, timely medical intervention can drastically enhance your recovery outcomes. Our health professionals are extensively trained in evaluating and treating injuries sustained during motor vehicle collisions.

Tailored Treatment Plans

They are equipped to provide you with a comprehensive, customized treatment plan aimed at restoring your pre-accident functional status using both manual therapy and active rehabilitation methods.

ICBC Coverage Information

Under ICBC policies, if your car accident occurred within the past 12 weeks, you automatically qualify for coverage of up to 25 physiotherapy sessions over a span of 12 weeks. Should your accident have taken place more than 12 weeks ago, please reach out to ICBC directly to inquire about possible extension options.

Contact Us

For any further queries or to book an appointment, don’t hesitate to contact us at (604) 875-9779. At Northwest Rehab Group, we are committed to helping you navigate your recovery journey and return to your regular activities with the utmost speed and effectiveness.

The Vital Role of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy plays a pivotal role in the management and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries. Northwest Rehab Group believes in taking an all-encompassing approach to patient care. This includes a combination of manual therapy, exercise rehabilitation, and thorough patient education to promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

Our Multi-Dimensional Approach

Our multi-dimensional approach takes into account not just the physical condition of our patients but their mental well-being, lifestyle factors, and overall health as well. We ensure each treatment plan is uniquely tailored to the individual’s needs, facilitating a faster and more effective recovery.

Restoring Function and Quality of Life

A critical aspect of the recovery journey is regaining the ability to perform everyday activities and returning to one’s pre-accident functional status. At Northwest Rehab Group, we are steadfast in our dedication to helping our patients reach these milestones.

Optimizing Recovery

By optimizing the physiotherapeutic process, we aim to expedite recovery times and ensure our patients are back to their normal routine as swiftly and safely as possible.

Why Choose Northwest Rehab Group

With our unique blend of personalized treatment plans, empathetic patient care, and extensive knowledge of musculoskeletal health, we at Northwest Rehab Group stand ready to help you navigate your recovery journey. Trust in our expertise to provide the highest standard of physiotherapy services for all ICBC patients.

What is ICBC physiotherapy?

ICBC physiotherapy is an arrangement, or agreement, made between the insurance company and the patient to access health services. Most cases of musculoskeletal injuries require assistance from a physiotherapist. A physiotherapist is a qualified person who specializes in treating or restoring the musculoskeletal system. The physiotherapist works with the patient to determine the extent of the injury to administer appropriate treatment.

ICBC physiotherapy is a great way to get your body back into shape. It helps people who are experiencing injuries, such as sprains or strains, regain the ability to do everyday activities and return to work faster. As long as you report your accident to your insurance company within 12 weeks of your accident, you’ll be able to get the physiotherapy treatments you need for your injury.

What is ICBC's physiotherapy program?

ICBC’s physiotherapy program is a full-body rehabilitation program designed to treat the most common musculoskeletal ailments encountered in life. The treatment plan takes into account the individual needs of each patient and incorporates a variety of modalities to optimize recovery.

How ICBC Coverage Works?

If you’ve been injured in a car within the past 12 weeks, you’re automatically approved for ICBC insurance treatment. In addition to medical bills, you’ll also receive a prescription for pain management medication and physiotherapy. The first step you need to take is to report the accident as soon as possible and get your ICBC claim number.

For more information, visit the ICBC website to learn how to get access to physiotherapy treatment.

Am I eligible for the ICBC physiotherapy program?

If you’ve been seriously injured in an auto accident in BC involving a car registered and licensed in BC, you will most likely have coverage for ICBC Physiotherapy.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your accident benefits or the provision of pre-approved physiotherapy visits by our qualified professional physiotherapists, feel free to contact us at any time. We’re here to help!

What is the role of physiotherapy treatment in the recovery from car accident injuries?

Physiotherapy treatment plays a critical role in healing and rehabilitation from car accident injuries. It helps to alleviate pain, restore range of motion, and rebuild strength, often accelerating the overall recovery process.

I've been in a car accident and am suffering from neck pain. Can physiotherapy treatments help?
Yes, physiotherapy treatments are very effective in addressing neck pain often associated with car accidents. Techniques such as manual therapy, exercise rehabilitation, and intramuscular stimulation can significantly alleviate pain and restore function.
Does Northwest Rehab Group offer massage therapy as part of their services?
Yes, Northwest Rehab Group includes massage therapy as part of the comprehensive suite of services. It’s a beneficial technique used to relieve pain, reduce stress, and work on specific issues like soft tissue injuries.
ICBC Physiotherapy Services Near You
We have a dedicated rehab facility to try to replicate what most people will have access to in their home. The most important part about any rehabilitation program is consistency. Therefore, our physiotherapists will work with you to make sure you can recover without needing to buy expensive equipment.
Find Our Physiotherapy Clinic Near Mount Pleasant

Northwest Rehab Group is located on the south-east corner of Main and 12th in Vancouver, BC. As a multidisciplinary clinic, we collaborate with other practitioners to make sure that your goals are met whether it is with a chiropractor, physiotherapist, or massage therapist.

If you have further questions or if our FAQs didn’t cover your concerns, please reach out to us directly. We’re here to assist you.

What People Say About Us.

NRG is an excellent clinic - I started going in the middle of 2021. I was impressed with their covid requirements and attention to detail. I felt safe visiting and Krista has been just wonderful. She listens, digs into my sore spots and has really helped me progress forward with my injuries.

– Lana L. location Vancouver BC

I have been going to Dr. Nguyen and co. for over a year now, for various injuries from sports. He's extremely nice and personable, and keeps things light. Very knowledgeable, and I highly recommend him! The office is a great one stop shop (Chiro, physio, RMT)!

– Matthew S. location Vancouver BC

Northwest Rehab is a gorgeous, clean, and friendly facility in a convenient location. Alex has been a great physiotherapist; he's provided many practical exercises and stretches that are easy to fit into my daily routine, and that are at the perfect skill level for what I'm currently capable of... I've seen noticeable improvement in my range of motion in the last couple months. Would highly recommend!

– Cayley C. location Vancouver British Columbia