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Got in a workplace injury?  Have some pain, stiffness or soreness that just won’t go away? WorkSafeBC trust chiropractors to get you back to work faster!

This is why WorkSafe has a program with chiropractors to ensure that you don’t have to pay anything out of pocket!  At Northwest Rehab Group, our chiropractors bill directly to WorkSafe and you don’t have to deal with any payments.  This also allows the patient to remove the submission between the adjuster and themselves, and even removes any user fees that the patient has to pay out of pocket. Hate having to pay out of pocket and wait to submit all the receipts to your adjuster? The great thing is that there is no need to wait to get reimbursed! We want to make sure you’re getting back in tip-top shape and back to your work and everyday activities sooner!

Before you come in, please notify the receptionist that you have a WorkSafe claim or have had a work injury.  You are allowed to come in within a 4-week period.  If its past the 4 week period of your accident, please clarify with your adjuster to see whether you are approved to receive treatment.

What do you need to provide at your first appointment?

Please provide the following:

  • BC Service Card number (Care card)
  • Worksafe claim number
  • Employer’s name, phone number and address

At Northwest Rehab Group, we provide evidence-based manual physiotherapy and exercise rehabilitation to get you recovering faster and decrease recurrence of pain. We work on providing an individualized plan to make sure you are progressing towards getting back to normal. The most important thing to us is getting you back to your daily activities and work!

At Northwest Rehab Group we rehabilitate, restore, and re-NRG-ize.

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Reading: Worksafe BC Chiropractors

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Reading: Worksafe BC Chiropractors