Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

Pregnancy Chiropractic Care Vancouver

Are you pregnant and feeling a lot of discomfort in your joints, especially in your lower back? Relaxin may be the perpetrator of your pain during pregnancy!

Relaxin is a hormone that increases during pregnancy to help relax the body, provides room for the baby and prepares the body ready for delivery. This increase in relaxin can leads to joint laxity, causing joint instability and muscle hypertonicity. We can make sure your joints are moving properly and your muscles are in a less tense state.

We also provide exercise rehabilitation for pregnant women! It’s important that you are still moving around and strengthening your body safely and effectively. Pelvic floor activation, core stabilization, gluteal strengthening and postural exercises are so important to decrease the stress as pregnancy progresses. This doesn’t mean doing heavy weights or intense cardio! Moving during pregnancy can mean light exercises using your own body weight, or even a walk around the block. Most importantly, make sure you’re doing exercises safely for you and your baby!

Sometimes, pain occurs in other areas of the body. Some of these areas include the wrists, shoulders, neck and feet. We can help decrease the discomfort and pain with manual therapy.

Our female chiropractor, Dr. Camille Delos Reyes, is knowledgable in effectively treating pregnancy joint and muscle pain. She provides soft tissue therapy to tight musculature, mobilization of the joints, adjustments of the restricted  joints and easy exercises to make sure your pregnancy runs smoothly.

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Reading: Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

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Reading: Pregnancy Chiropractic Care