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Vancouver Physiotherapy Clinic

Customized Treatment Plans for Active Lifestyles

Working with you, we devise a customized treatment plan. This strategy is uniquely designed to facilitate your active lifestyle and help you continue to participate in activities you cherish while simultaneously prioritizing your health.

Our services are accessible to all individuals, irrespective of age or health situation. Our core expertise is concentrated on mitigating pain and promoting recovery from injuries or musculoskeletal issues. Whether you are dealing with an unexpected sprain, navigating through the post-operative phase of an ACL surgery, or managing chronic issues such as whiplash or concussion stemming from a vehicular accident, we are prepared to guide your journey towards improved health.

What to Expect

Why Consider Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a method of treatment aiming at the preservation, enhancement, or restoration of movement and physical function impaired or threatened by disease, injury, or disability. Physiotherapy is ideal for improving quality of life through better physical health, especially for those recovering from injuries or managing chronic conditions.

Initial Assessment
45 min
Follow Up
30 min
Follow Up
45 min

For inquires, please contact Northwest Rehab leading physiotherapy clinic for a consultation.

** We are currently taking ICBC, pelvic floor physiotherapy and pediatric physio patients for physiotherapy**


Delve into our comprehensive responses addressing frequent inquiries about our physiotherapy services.

What is a Physiotherapist?

A physiotherapist is a post-graduate professional program that takes at least two years on top of an undergraduate program. With a unique (hands on approach) approach and focus on movement patterns and techniques, they are well versed in identifying strengths and weaknesses and rebuilding those weaknesses. Northwest Rehab Group’s Physiotherapists use a variety of soft tissue therapy, mobilizations, exercise rehabilitation and various other techniques to make sure you reach your goals and get back to active life.

Physiotherapists help with musculoskeletal acute and chronic injuries and preventative care by manual therapy, exercise rehabilitation and education of healthy and active lifestyles. Manual therapy can include myofascial release, soft tissue therapy, mobilizations, and modalities. It is important to get you back to everyday activities and pre-accident status, as well as prevent injuries from occurring, and physiotherapy can help with that!

How can physiotherapy help me?

One of the most common questions many clients ask when they are looking to try out some form of physical therapy is how Vancouver physiotherapy can help them? The truth is that it can help with better understanding and identifying the root cause of the problem, injury prevention and anyone suffering from pain or sports injuries.

Another most common questions clients have is how physiotherapy can help them deal with their back pain? Back pain can be quite painful, and for those that have suffered from back pain before, it can seem like it never ends. Physiotherapy deals with pain by helping you to strengthen your back muscles and improve your flexibility at the same time.

Another question often asked is how does physiotherapy help them with their shoulder pain or neck pain? It often helps to have a physiotherapist expertise involved with assessing your injury and recommending a course of treatment for your physical health. Therapists will be able to provide you with a chart that shows you your injuries as well as what physiotherapy options you have. A physiotherapy chart is often very comprehensive and will include:
Computerised images of your injury.
Detailed descriptions of how the therapy process works.

Some of the Vancouver physiotherapy services we provide include:
sports physiotherapy
concussion management
post-stroke rehab
shockwave therapy
vestibular rehab
alleviate pain caused by chronic or acute injuries, muscle tension, motor vehicle accident
improved muscle imbalances, core stability, and strength
pelvic health issues
improve mobility
reduce pain
chronic conditions
sports injury
personal training
knee injuries
corrective exercises
prevent further injury
dry needling techniques

Will I only be doing exercises for my treatment?

Each session is dependent on the patient’s goals. Our physiotherapists (exercise therapists) focus on making sure you are comfortable while achieving your goal. Most sessions will consist of having some manual therapy time with your therapists. As you progress, less physical therapy time may be required with more focus on your movement and strength.

Will I be in more pain after my treatment?

Most patients leave their session more comfortable and confident with their movement. However, as with any physio therapy and active rehab program, there can be times where you can have more pain after certain movements. Don’t be discouraged though, but please tell your therapists what gave you pain so they can better accommodate to your needs.

Are your physiotherapists experienced in handling knee pain and vestibular rehab?

Yes, our physiotherapists are extremely knowledgeable in treating knee pain and providing vestibular rehab. They employ specific exercises and techniques to address these issues, ensuring a personalized treatment plan for each patient.

I was in a car accident recently, how can physiotherapy at your clinic assist me?

Our clinic offers specialized rehabilitation programs for individuals recovering from car accidents. We work closely with your insurance provider and handle ICBC claims to ensure a smooth rehabilitation process, aiding in alleviating pain and restoring mobility.

Can you handle ICBC claims for treatments related to car accidents?

Yes, we handle ICBC claims and work alongside your insurance provider to ensure you receive the necessary care and support throughout your rehabilitation process following a car accident.

I am a new patient, what should I expect during my first visit to your downtown Vancouver clinic?

During your first visit, you will undergo an initial assessment to understand your concerns and health conditions. Our team in British Columbia will devise a personalized treatment plan, ensuring that you receive the appropriate care and guidance towards achieving your health goals.

What role do chronic injuries play in physiotherapy?

Chronic injuries often result from overuse of a body part or not properly healing an acute injury. Physiotherapy plays a crucial role in managing and rehabilitating chronic injuries by offering tailored treatment plans that may include manual therapy, exercise prescriptions, and patient education. The goal is to alleviate pain, improve function, and prevent further injury.

What should I expect during a physiotherapy assessment?

A physiotherapy assessment is a comprehensive evaluation that includes reviewing your medical history, understanding your symptoms, and performing physical tests and measurements. This assessment helps in diagnosing the condition and crafting a personalized treatment plan. It may cover areas such as mobility, strength, balance, and functional abilities, focusing on both prevention and rehabilitation.

What is active rehabilitation, and how does it work?

Active rehabilitation is a patient-centered approach focusing on specific exercises and activities to restore physical function and mobility after an injury or surgery. It involves active participation from the patient, with guidance and support from the physiotherapist, to progressively improve strength, flexibility, and endurance. This approach is vital for a successful recovery and long-term health maintenance.

How are exercise prescriptions developed in physiotherapy?

Exercise prescriptions are tailored exercise programs developed by physiotherapists based on a detailed assessment of the patient’s condition, goals, and physical capabilities. These prescriptions aim to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and overall function while considering any limitations or specific needs. The exercises are designed to be safe, effective, and achievable, with gradual progression to challenge the patient as their condition improves.

Do I need a referral to see a physiotherapist?

No, you do not need a referral to see a physiotherapist. However, if you did see a physician before your appointment, please discuss with your physiotherapist what their findings were as this can help better focus your treatment.

About our main street physiotherapy clinic

We have a dedicated physio rehab facility to try to replicate what most people will have access to in their home. The most important part about any rehabilitation program is consistency. Therefore, our physiotherapists will work with you to make sure you can achieve your goals without needing to buy expensive equipment.

We offer physiotherapy services to help clients recover from sports injuries and workplace injuries. Our physiotherapists specialize in spinal/sports rehab, post-stroke rehab, fitness training and concussion management.

Additionally, we’ll work with you through your WSBC claims and ICBC claims for whiplash and back injuries.

Find our physiotherapy clinic near Mount Pleasant.

Northwest Rehab Group is leading physiotherapy clinic conveniently located on the south-east corner of Main and 12th in Vancouver, BC. Our address is 2830 Main St. Vancouver, British Columbia V5T 3G2. As a leading multidisciplinary clinic, we collaborate with other practitioners to make sure that your goals are met whether it is with a chiropractor, physiotherapist, or registered massage therapist.

How can sports injuries be addressed at your physio clinic in downtown Vancouver?

Our clinic offers a range of treatments and rehabilitation programs for sports injuries to help athletes get back on track. Our physiotherapists are experienced in dealing with common sports-related musculoskeletal conditions, offering a collaborative approach to ensure a comprehensive rehabilitation process.

Do you offer fitness training as part of the rehabilitation process?

Absolutely! Our clinic believes in promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Fitness training is an integral part of our rehabilitation programs, aiding in faster recovery and helping you stay healthy.

What types of musculoskeletal conditions do your physiotherapists specialize in?

Our physiotherapists are adept at treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions including those stemming from sports injuries, workplace accidents, or chronic ailments. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or someone dealing with persistent knee pain, we have the expertise to assist you.

Do you offer bike fitting and intramuscular stimulation services?

Yes, our clinic offers bike fitting and intramuscular stimulation services to address specific needs, ensuring an improved quality of life and better performance in daily activities.

Do you address mental health concerns in conjunction with physiotherapy treatments?

While our primary focus is on physiotherapy, we understand the interconnectedness of physical and mental health. We strive to create a supportive environment to promote overall well-being during the rehabilitation process.

How does massage therapy complement physiotherapy treatment?

Massage therapy, particularly when performed by registered massage therapists, can significantly enhance the outcomes of physiotherapy treatment. It helps in relaxing muscles, improving blood circulation, and reducing stress, which can be beneficial for patients recovering from both acute and chronic conditions. Integrating massage therapy into a physiotherapy plan can accelerate recovery and aid in achieving comprehensive wellness.

Can physiotherapy help with sports and recreational activities?

Yes, physiotherapy is instrumental in treating injuries related to sports and recreational activities. It not only helps in the recovery from sports injuries but also in enhancing performance and preventing future injuries. Physiotherapists develop specialized programs that include exercises, techniques, and patient education tailored to the specific demands of different sports and activities.

Why is patient education important in physiotherapy?

Patient education is a cornerstone of physiotherapy, empowering patients with the knowledge and skills needed to manage their condition and prevent future injuries. It includes teaching about the mechanics of the body, the importance of posture, the benefits of regular exercise, and how to perform exercises safely. Educated patients are more likely to engage in their treatment plans actively and achieve better outcomes.

If you have further questions or if our FAQs didn’t cover your concerns, please reach out to us directly. We’re here to assist you.

What People Say About Us.

NRG is an excellent clinic - I started going in the middle of 2021. I was impressed with their covid requirements and attention to detail. I felt safe visiting and Krista has been just wonderful. She listens, digs into my sore spots and has really helped me progress forward with my injuries.

– Lana L. location Vancouver BC

I have been going to Dr. Nguyen and co. for over a year now, for various injuries from sports. He's extremely nice and personable, and keeps things light. Very knowledgeable, and I highly recommend him! The office is a great one stop shop (Chiro, physio, RMT)!

– Matthew S. location Vancouver BC

Northwest Rehab is a gorgeous, clean, and friendly facility in a convenient location. Alex has been a great physiotherapist; he's provided many practical exercises and stretches that are easy to fit into my daily routine, and that are at the perfect skill level for what I'm currently capable of... I've seen noticeable improvement in my range of motion in the last couple months. Would highly recommend!

– Cayley C. location Vancouver British Columbia