Bike Fitting Vancouver

Experience precision bike fitting at Northwest Rehab Group, where our biomechanical analysis ensures optimal posture alignment and musculoskeletal health.

Bike Fitting Vancouver

Tailored Fit for Every Cyclist

Experience the perfect bike fit with our personalized services. We manually measure and adjust each bike to meet your individual anatomical and biomechanical needs, ensuring a comfortable and efficient ride.

Precision Technology in Bike Fitting

Utilize precise laser guidance in your bike fitting session, then our equipment helps in accurately determining your riding position, enabling tailored adjustments for optimal performance.

Expertise and Experience

Rely on our certified professionals who bring years of experience and specialized training in biomechanics and ergonomics to each bike fitting session. Their deep understanding ensures that your bike adjustments are meticulously crafted to support your cycling goals.

What to Expect

Why Consider Bike Fitting?

Considering a professional bike fitting is essential for both novice and experienced cyclists. It ensures your bike is tailored to your body’s specifications, maximizing efficiency and comfort. A proper fit reduces the risk of injury, increases riding comfort, and enhances overall performance by optimizing power output and stamina. It’s an investment in your cycling future, helping to prevent long-term discomfort and improve your enjoyment and success on the bike.

Bike Fitting


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Learn about our bike fitting services, designed to address specific health conditions and improve recovery.

Can bike fitting sessions be covered under chiropractic services?

Yes, bike fitting sessions can be covered under chiropractic services at Northwest Rehab Group. Dr. Minh, a certified bike fitter and chiropractor, provides these specialized sessions, which may be eligible for coverage depending on your health insurance plan.

What is bike fitting and why do I need it?

Bike fitting is a process where your bike is adjusted to match your body’s proportions and riding style. It enhances comfort, efficiency, and performance, while also minimizing the risk of injury.

How long does a bike fitting session take?

A typical bike fitting session at Northwest Rehab Group lasts approximately one hour, efficiently addressing your needs and making necessary adjustments to ensure optimal comfort and performance on your bike.

What should I bring to my bike fitting appointment?

Please bring your bike, cycling shoes, and typical cycling attire to ensure accurate measurements and a fit that reflects your real riding conditions.

Can bike fitting help with existing pain or injuries?

Yes, a professional bike fit can alleviate pain and prevent further injuries by correcting imbalances and poor posture. It’s tailored to promote an optimal riding position that supports your body correctly.

How does a proper bike fitting session make all the difference for recreational cyclists?

A proper bike fitting session is crucial for recreational cyclists, as it ensures that every contact point between the cyclist and the bike—such as the saddle height and handlebars—is tailored to their body. This customization reduces knee pain and lowers injury risk by aligning the body correctly during the dynamic cycling analysis. A well-fitted bike helps maintain a proper riding posture, which is essential in a repetitive sport like cycling. Not only does a properly fitted bike prevent injuries, but it also enhances the overall cycling experience, making the bike work seamlessly with the cyclist’s natural movements. By optimizing the efficiency and comfort of your ride, bike fittings can be super helpful, especially if you’ve had current injuries or are looking to purchase a new bike.

If you have further questions or if our FAQs didn’t cover your concerns, please reach out to us directly. We’re here to assist you.