UPDATE: NRG Clinic COVID-19 Precautions

UPDATED March 16, 2020:

Due to the recent increase in risk of COVID-19, we want to make sure that our patients, staff and practitioners are minimizing their risk of exposure.

As of March 17, we are taking proactive steps and are CLOSING THE CLINIC FOR 2 WEEKS in our fight against COVID-19.

We will be calling all patients who are booked during this closure in the next 24 hours.

We currently have a tentative reopening date of March 30, 2020, however, we will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated.

We hope to see you as soon as we can!




March 12, 2020:

We wanted to take a moment to update and inform members of the Northwest Rehab community regarding the coronavirus/COVID-19 virus and its potential impacts on the clinic. We are closely following the updates and recommendations of the Canadian Public Health Agency (CPHA) and the BC Center for Disease Control (BCCDC) in order to minimize the risk to our patients, our staff and our practitioners. Both agencies recommend the best preventative measure to be regular hand washing with soap and water, or alcohol-based hand rub. They have not issued any public health warnings or quarantines to the general public, nor have they determined people should modify their normal day-to-day routines. While the risk to the general population remains low in Vancouver, we ask that you take extra care when coming into the clinic:

– If you are feeling unwell, we ask that you reschedule your appointment either by calling us at (604) 875-9779 or via Janeapp24 hours notice of cancellation or reschedule is very much appreciated, but taking the current situation into consideration, we are happy to accommodate shorter notice cancellations due to illness at this time.

– Please wash your hands or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer thoroughly before arriving for your appointment, and before your treatment.

– If you have travelled outside of Canada, including the United States, please self-isolate for 14 days and reschedule your appointments until after the 14 day period.

On our part, we are taking precautions by thoroughly sanitizing all surfaces of each treatment room between patients, ensuring we minimize the transfer of any illnesses. In addition to the treatment rooms we are taking extra care with sanitizing all door handles, light switches, and other commonly touched surfaces in the reception and rehab areas. Our staff and practitioners are encouraged to be extra safe by staying home if they feel unwell. In the event that your appointment needs to be rescheduled due to practitioner illness, we will do our best to give as much notice as possible and provide multiple alternate appointment times. We appreciate your understanding.  We recognize the value in these precautions to not only keep ourselves healthy as individuals, but to protect against inadvertently putting those who may be more vulnerable at higher risk.

Please don’t hesitate to call the clinic or send us an email at info@nwrehab.ca with any questions or concerns.

Wash your hands, practice safe hygiene and stay healthy!

– The Northwest Rehab Team 

Reading: UPDATE: NRG Clinic COVID-19 Precautions

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Reading: UPDATE: NRG Clinic COVID-19 Precautions