Bike your heart out!

Vancouver is a great city for cycling! Whether you are commuting to work, or biking the hills of the city to train, biking is one of the best ways to get your heart pumping!

Biking has a lot of health benefits! Cycling can increase muscle tonicity and also helps with balance. Cycling also increases your heart rate which improved cardiovascular function, especially on our Vancouver hills! With any exercising, there is a lot of evidence stating that exercise reduces stress and pain reduction! Did you know biking is also great for preventing and aiding arthritis? It is low impact and provides fluid and motion to the joints to decrease joint pain.

Safety is the number one priority. With the use of helmets, it can decrease the head impact if you ever get into an accident. Remember to change your helmet after a crash or accident in the event that your helmet impacted any surface. Once the helmet is dented or damaged, the helmet won’t provide the best support if this happens again.

It is very important to you know your hand signals! With biking in the city, you need to make sure you are visible. Knowing left, right, and slowing down signals is necessary! Accidents occur due to cars not knowing what cyclers are going to do next. Having bike lights and reflective attire is also important at dusk, dawn and at night.

Did you have your bike fitted before? Visit your local bike shop! Sometimes pain can arise due to the bike not fitting correctly. Make sure you’re not reaching too far forward on the handles or feeling pressure in the shoulders and neck. Another thing to look at is your knees. Your knees should be at 90 degrees at the highest point of your cadence. If your pedals are too far to reach, it can cause your knees to hyperextend and injuries can occur. Make sure you have a flat neutral spine when biking as increased arching of your back can cause pain.

Continual pain with biking even after adjusting your bike? See one of our chiropractors to see if other adjustments need to be made, or if it’s something else that is causing you pain! You can bring in your bike and we can take a look if it is fitted right for you.

Book on our online booking page today to see our Vancouver chiropractors, physiotherapists and registered massage therapists!

Reading: Bike your heart out!

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Reading: Bike your heart out!