A Vancouver Physio Clinic’s Advice on How to Avoid Back Pain!

February 4, 2020

Snow falls only a few times a year in the Metro Vancouver Area, but when it happens, we need to prepare! Whether you are shovelling your sidewalk, driveway, or just lending a helping hand to your community, here are some tips to prevent injury from improper shovelling:

  • Make sure to stretch before shovelling! 
    • Stretching will help you increase blood flow, get your joints moving and will get you warmed up before heading out to shovel
  • Use your knees and hips (NOT YOUR BACK!) to push a lighter weight shovel
    • Using your knees will take the load off your back, and when you lift with your knees, make sure you use a proper shovel. A shovel that is too small can cause back ache from bending too forward, and a heavy large shovel can cause injury from continuous improper lifting over time.
  • If you need to throw the snow, keep a neutral spine and avoid twisting!
    • Twisting and improper posture while shovelling is one of the most common ways injuries happen when shovelling. Keep your spine neutral, and as we said before, it’s all in the hips and knees! Use your knees and hips to lift the snow up from the ground, and push the snow forward. Throwing the snow and twisting can cause pain and discomfort!

Common injuries from shovelling snow can include mechanical low back pain and disc-related pain. To avoid these injuries, use these tips!

If you do end up with a shovelling injury, we are always here to help! Our chiropractors, physiotherapists and massage therapists are here to decrease your pain, increase your range of motion, and help with your lifting techniques while shovelling so that it doesn’t happen again!

For any questions or concerns about your injuries, we are available to answer any of your questions at info@nwrehab.ca or give us a call at (604)875-9779

Book on our online booking page https://nwrehab.janeapp.com today, or read more on our website at https://nwrehab.ca

Reading: A Vancouver Physio Clinic’s Advice on How to Avoid Back Pain!

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Reading: A Vancouver Physio Clinic’s Advice on How to Avoid Back Pain!