Flat Feet – Pes Planus

January 13, 2021

I have flat feet and it hurts everytime I go for a run! What can I do? At Northwest Rehab Group we will look at why you have flat feet.  Sometimes it can be an easy exercise to correct your flat footedness! Our expert physiotherapists and chiropractors can assess and see if we can help you!

Why do we have flat feet?

Flat geet can be inherited (you were born with it) but they can also be developed through time!  We have these muscles in our feet (lumbricales, flexor hallucis brevis, abductor hallucis, flexor digitorum brevis just to name a few) that can help develop your arches!  There are many more reasons to why you have flat feet and sometimes it just takes an expert eye to see why you have flat feet and what can be done about it!

Do I need orthotics?

We like to think of orthotics as braces.  You don’t want to rely on the brace forever, but it is nice to have in order to help develop your arch.This way whenever you’re going for the longer walks and you’re not working on the exercises prescribed by us, you’re having the support for your arches!

Should I be getting new orthotics annually?

Ideally yes, as long as you have been working on your prescribed exercises your arch height will have changed.  Our chiropractors who are expert orthotic fitters can help determine whether your arches have changed throughout the year or weather you can use your current set of orthotics.

If you would like a set of custom orthotics, book here under chiropractic https://nwrehab.janeapp.com ! If you want an assessment for your feet book with one of our chiropractors or physiotherapists!

Reading: Flat Feet – Pes Planus

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Reading: Flat Feet – Pes Planus