What is a physiotherapist?

A physiotherapist is a healthcare provider who helps treat illnesses, injuries and disabilities through manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation. Many individuals know to see a physiotherapist for sports-related injuries and motor vehicle accidents, but they do much more than that!

Physiotherapists go through undergraduate studies and 2 years Master of Physiotherapy program. A lot of emphasis is on anatomy, physiology, orthopedics and exercise rehabilitation.

Common conditions that physiotherapists see include:

  • vertigo, neck pain, whiplash, concussion
  • back pain
  • fracture and dislocation rehabilitation
  • knee injuries
  • ankle and foot injuries
  • shoulder pain
  • rib pain
  • pelvic pain
  • facial pain
  • MVA/car accident related injuries

The physiotherapists at Northwest Rehab Group focus on injury rehabilitation and prevention. We want to make sure that you get better and stay better! We do this by a few different types of treatments:

  • soft tissue therapy
  • kinesiotape
  • mobilizations (mulligan belt)
  • Stretch therapy
  • exercise rehabilitation
  • vestibular rehabilitation
  • concussion treatments
  • post-surgical rehabilitation
  • running assessments
  • bike fittings
  • postural cueing and work/desk ergonomics
  • modalities: IFC, ultrasound, cupping

For more information about physiotherapy, give us a call at (604)875-9779 or send us an email to info@nwrehab.ca!

To book your first visit, you can give us a call or book online at nwrehab.janeapp.com to see one of our physiotherapists today.

Reading: What is a physiotherapist?

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Reading: What is a physiotherapist?