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Chiro Prehab: Enhancing Range of Motion Before Surgery

"Prehab" is a combination of "preparation" and "rehabilitation." In the medical world, it traditionally refers to strengthening and conditioning exercises done before surgical procedures. Chiro Prehab, then, refers to the practice of using chiropractic techniques and...

Prehab: The Power of Preparation Before Surgery

Surgery, for many, represents a pivotal turning point — an opportunity to rectify a health concern or enhance one's quality of life. Yet, surgery is not without its challenges. While remarkably resilient, the human body often needs to be fortified for the stresses and...

Physiotherapy for Chronic Pain Management: Approaches and Outcomes

Definition of Chronic Pain: Chronic pain is typically defined as pain that persists beyond the normal healing time, usually considered to be three months or more. Unlike acute pain, which signals an injury or a specific problem that needs immediate attention,...

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