Massage Therapy at NRG!

Registered massage therapist are hot commodities, but it’s important to know they can do more than relaxation when getting massage therapy! Massage therapy is very helpful for injuries and pain!

Got nagging pain that just won’t go away?  Our registered massage therapists at Northwest Rehab Group (NRG) are trained to figure out which muscles are the culprit to your nagging pain!  Our massage therapists are trained to cater to your pressure needs. They can perform light massages to sensitive areas to higher levels when you need.  Your treatment experience at Northwest Rehab Group is catered to you!

With our RMT’s training and collaboration with the NRG team, they provide more than just pain relief but they provide exercise rehab in order for you to perform at your optimal level.

What to expect of your initial massage therapy appointment at Northwest Rehab Group:

  • A full intake to see what areas you want to focus on as well as orthopaedic testing to see which muscles need work on.
  • Table time – treatment to the areas discussed during the intake.
  • Home care suggestions for you to have sustained relief.

Do I need to come back for another massage? That is up to you!  Our massage therapists are trained to give a treatment plan to make sure you can feel restored sooner rather than later. They want to make sure you are feeling in tip-top shape and back to your everyday activities, so it’s important to set goals on what you’d like to achieve over the span of the treatment plan.

We have awesome RMTs who are available every weekday! Work a 9-5 shift and need that massage after work? We have evenings available as well!

At Northwest Rehab Group we rehabilitate, restore, and re-NRG-ize.

Book online at  today and see how we can help you!

Reading: Massage Therapy at NRG!

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Reading: Massage Therapy at NRG!